Hi, I am Brittany.

I am your photographer. Most of the time, I am not very serious. During our session, I will be silly and make strange sounds to get you or your babes to smile. Smile in a genuine way. Not in a "say cheese" type of way. If you want someone that can take the stiff posed, say cheese photo of your family, I am probably not for you. I only want to make you or your family enjoy your brief time with me. I can help you with the wardrobe for our session, and you have access to the client closet as a client! I will most likely show up in a tee and leggings. I apologize too much and laugh a lot. I have two wild babes and a wonderful husband who keeps me busy between meeting all of you.

Having returning families each year brings me so much joy but also reminds me how fast time passes. Let me help you freeze time, if only for a second. See you soon!

Photo Credit To: Trisha Lacoste